Scripture: Romans 12:1-2
Land Acknowledgment & Welcome
Call to Worship

Prayer from Cameroon
When we contemplate such beauty,
the immensity before us,
blossoming with colour and scent,
the surprising diversity of all that surrounds us,
the green forests, the animals,
the intelligence which allows us humans to create with you,
God, the acts of your grace on our behalf,
we can only express our joy at being your children
and gladly sing of the generosity of your love.

(© Rev. Dr Kayoka-Luendu M., Cameroon. English transl. Dr Colette Bouka Coula, adapted by Terry MacArthur.

Gathering Hymn: “Here in this Place” #10

Sharing Joys and Concerns
Congregational Prayer
–praying this week for Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea
The Lord’s Prayer

*Hymn: “One is the Body” #386

*Scripture: John 4:19-26
Morning Message: Body, mind, and spirit
Silent Reflection

Lord’s Supper
Prayer of Confession — Voices Together 938
Assurance of Pardon
Communion Hymn: “Jesus, Help us Live in Peace” #719

Invitation and Words of Institution
Sharing the Meal
Prayer of Thanksgiving #946

Offering Invitation: online link here

Sending Hymn: “I want Jesus to Walk with Me” #306


In-Person Volunteers: Worship Leader: Andrea Zuercher; Accompanist: Whitney Baker; Song Leader: Sarah Bonner; Prelude: Twila Schmidt; Scripture Reader: Roberta Renz; Preacher: Asia Embers; Greeter: Rob and Rosie

Zoom Volunteers: Worship Leader: Thomas Heilke ; Musician: Thomas Heilke ; Scripture Reader: Roger Sims; Preacher: Asia Embers

Hymns reprinted under One License | church music copyright permissions, Annual License: A-714488, May 2022 – May 2023.