Growing Peace

Here is the current floor plan.

In the spring of 2016, Peace Mennonite Church came to consensus on a direction for our church. We have decided that God is calling us to grow, and that in order to grow we need more space in our building. We have embarked on the Growing Peace campaign to make this happen.

Our Capital Campaign has raised over $200,000 of our $250,000 base goal. As the Capital Campaign team continues its fund raising efforts, the Building Design Team is moving forward with next steps for the project.

Please continue to pray for our congregation in this time of transition, and particularly for the people serving on the three teams that are part of our Church Growth Task Force: Inviting & Including (How do we welcome more people into our community?); Capital Campaign (How do we pay for a new addition?); and Building Design (What will the addition look like and how will it get done?).

Those interested in donating to the campaign may contact us for more information or simply mail a check to: 615 Lincoln St.; Lawrence, KS 66044.

Nearly all of our active participants are contributing to this project. In addition, friends who no longer attend are also offering support. Many thanks to:

Jason and Rebecca Barrett-Fox
Annette and Deron Brill-Bergstresser
Tim Buller and Rachel Epp-Buller
Jimmy Calderone and Marta Schwartz
Chris and Christine Crouse-Dick
Janet Claassen (in honor of Rob and Rosie Claassen)
Gary and Becki Dick
Carl Edwards and Mark Stotler
Becky Fast
Jean Hershey Fitch
Cheryl Harader
Reinhold and John Janzen
Jeremy Johnson and Jennifer Schley
Rhea Miller and Adam Kehler
Carol and Stan Moyer
Lidia Pagan
Ken and Ginger Ratzlaff
Claven Snow
Gayle Sigurdson
Joseph Springer
Rod Stafford and Molly Day
Sarah Stucky

For those interested in the history of our discernment process, the documents below will be helpful:

Regarding the Conversation at Peace Mennonite

General Articles on Various Aspects of Church Growth