Scripture: Mark 6:30-45
Land Acknowledgment & Welcome
Call to Worship

Call to prayer in the morning (From the Holy Liturgy of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church)

Leader: The grace of God be with you.
People: And with your spirit.
Leader: Let us glorify our God.
People:  It is right, it is just.
Leader: Strengthen the thought of your heart.
People: We lift them unto the Lord our God,
Our Father who art in heaven,
Our Father who art in heaven,
Our Father who art in heaven,
lead us not into temptation.
Oh we thank you, Oh Lord. Amen.

Gathering Hymn:   “I want Jesus to Walk with Me” #306

Sharing Joys and Concerns
Congregational Prayer
 –praying this week for Eritrea and Ethiopia
The Lord’s Prayer

Hymn: “Lord you have Come to the Lakeshore” #283

Scripture: Mark 8:1-10
Morning Message: Jesus and the Bread
Silent Reflection

Prayer #1016 

Offering Invitation: online link here
Sending Hymn: “God, We Pause This Moment” #756

Blessing #1029

In-Person Volunteers:

Zoom Volunteers:

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