Here are some possible questions to ask family members over the holidays. These are just suggestions
– you may think of other questions that you would like to ask.

  1. How many strands of history (geographic and ethnic groups) are in your personal ancestry?

  2. If your ancestors are not indigenous to this country, what country/countries did they leave, and why
    did they come here?

  3. Where did they stay when the first got here?

  4. Did they settle in an enclave of similar people, or were they mixed with other ethnicities?

  5. What challenges and difficulties did they face: What were their joys?

  6. Did they have connections with land that were broken when they moved from place to place?

  7. What do you know about the people who previously lived on the land where your ancestors settled?

  8. Please feel free to add other questions that emerge or that are important to you.