We have returned to Zoom worship at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday. Just click on this link to get into our Zoom gathering. For more information about In-Person worship click here.

As we begin a new Narrative Lectionary cycle, the worship committee invites you to join us in a daily Bible reading schedule connected to our Sunday texts. Each Friday’s reading (and sometimes Thursday’s) will be the scripture for the upcoming Sunday. Earlier readings for the week are selected to help us explore the focus scripture’s themes in other parts of the Bible. Readings will be included in this weekly newsletter, posted on our church Facebook page, and listed on our web site.

If you do not have a Bible and would like one, contact Pastor Joanna (PeaceMennoPastor@gmail.com). And you can always read online at Bible Gateway or Oremus

Daily Bible Readings

Our daily readings from now through the end of April will take us through the entire Gospel of John. Join in the readings to experience John’s unique perspective on the life and ministry of Jesus.

Readings for the Week of January 23rd
Monday: Genesis 24:10-21
Tuesday: Genesis 29:1-12
Wednesday: John 4:1-26
Thursday: John 4:27-38
Friday: John 4:39-45

Events Coming up at Peace Mennonite

Sunday the 23rd, 10:30 a.m. Service on Zoom
Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.: Wise Guys (conversation group) on Zoom contact Ken Ratzlaff
Thursday, 9:30 a.m.: Wise Women (conversation group); contact Judy Johnson
Thursday, 2 p.m.: Reflection and conversation (all welcome) on Zoom.

Friday, 9:30 a.m.–Noon Joanna in the office

Sunday, 10:30 a.m.: Zoom Service

Congregational News

Helping the Security of PMC

We have been having issues with the front doors closing completely after building use. When using the building, use these tips to make sure the building is secure when you leave.

  1. Inside the building, please make sure the crash bars are in the lock position and both doors are pulled fully closed. (The heavy weather stripping makes the doors harder to close!)
  2. Once outside, please pull both front doors to make sure the building is locked and secure.

If you use the building, you are encouraged to enter through the south door, avoiding the front doors completely. Of course, please use the electronic front doors if needed for handicapped accessibility, just follow the above lock up procedures. Also, if you are the last or only person left in the building, please check the doors as above as you leave. Many thanks for helping with this issue!

Please continue to use the regular office email peacemennonite@gmail.com for announcements, contact information updates, and other general questions and information. Jerry plans to be in the office mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays. LaVonne, as bookkeeper, has a separate email address: peacebookkeeper615@gmail.com. Anything related to financial aspects of the church should be directed to LaVonne. Pastor Joanna’s email address is peacemennopastor@gmail.com

Please let Joanna know if you are interested in participating in either baptism or membership exploration classes. (PeaceMennoPastor@gmail.com)

The Douglas County Climate Action plan website can be accessed here. Check out the ways you can participate in the process.

Your regular financial contributions to Peace Mennonite as well as contributions to the church benevolence fund (to help those with financial difficulties) can be mailed to the church (615 Lincoln, Lawrence, KS 66044) or online. (Please indicate if the money is intended for the benevolence fund.)

Please note the updated COVID-time building-use policy.

You can read the full meeting notes from our last Congregational Meeting on our website.

We are returning to our First Friday of the month open labyrinth from 9:00am to noon, all are welcome!

If you would like your email address added to the ‘Regular Attendees’ list for emails, please notify the church office.
If you would like to receive our weekly email newsletter, please sign up on our home page.

The code for the key lock box at the church building has been changed. If you need access to the building and have not yet received the new code, please contact LaVonne (PeaceMennonite@gmail.com). 

Broader Church News


Consider making a donation to the Western District Conference Hope Fund! The Hope Fund issues grants to churches in Western District Conference that are suffering hardship related to COVID-19 and other disasters. As the pandemic continues to affect our churches, the Hope Fund has proven to be incredibly important to supporting churches in need. You can find out more, and make a donation, by visiting the WDC website, or by sending a check to Western District Conference, PO Box 306, North Newton, KS 67117. 

Mennonite Church USA MC USA | Mennonite Church USA News

Redlining has been illegal in the United States for half a century, but its effects still have a lasting impact on Black, Latino/a, Asian, Indigenous and other people of color. Vice President of Community and Church Development for Everence Leonard Dowin his blog, “Finding inspiration in history: Human-made solutions to human-made problems,” shares what this impact looks like in Philadelphia, as well as practical steps that people can take to enact change. 

Poverty is present in our communities, even when it’s hidden. In their blog, “Poverty in Harvey County, Kansas,” Hesston College’s Del and Michele Hershberger share how under-employment, natural disasters and depopulation have caused people in their community to struggle silently with poverty, often leaving those around them oblivious to their financial difficulties. Read more here.

Mennonite Church USA Women in Leadership has relaunched its “Holding It(,) Together” podcast. The podcast, made by women for women, emphasizes intersectionality and community, creating a space for women to hear other people’s stories. This season’s theme is “Bodies Holding It(,) Together.” Learn more here.

When choosing which worship resources to include in the new hymnal, the Voices Together team chose to include many resources from before the Reformation. Learn why including these resources was important to the team and which resources predate the Reformation in Sarah Kathleen Johnson and Carl Bear’s blog, Singing with the early and medieval church through ‘Voices Together.

The Mennonite Church USA Executive Board has decided to allow the Resolution for Repentance and Transformation to go to the delegate body next May. This is a resolution that Joanna co-authored and this congregation signed on to. You can read more information here

Mennonite Church USA, Mennonite Church Canada and Herald Press have once again partnered to provide Mennonites with a “Common Read,” a shared reading experience focused on specific books written to nurture Christian faith in this cultural moment. Read more about the Common Read here.

Mennonite Church USA encourages individuals and congregations to “learn, pray, join” about the cost of poverty. 

Ever thought about working with a spiritual director? You can learn more about spiritual direction and find a list of potential directors on the Mennonite Spiritual Directors Network website.

You are invited to participate in the Mennonite Church USA churchwide Journey Forward study through Springtide Research Institute. The survey results will be used to help inform the direction of MC USA, as we Journey Forward together. It is important that the denomination hears from a variety of voices, so please take part in the survey today.

Mennonite Church USA has released a new Bible-based curriculum, entitled “Laboring Toward Wholeness: A Training on Dismantling Patriarchy.” It addresses the history and impact of systemic patriarchy — and looks at how God calls followers to respond through an intersectional lens. Learn more here.


Mennonite Central Committee invites you to donate to provide emergency support and supplies to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

Join MCC for a series of “MCC and me” webinars to hear more about service opportunities. Are you ready to step out and into service? To gain new skills and experiences while working for relief, development and peace in the name of Christ? Check out the webinar schedule and their website and learn more about these opportunities. 

Mennonite Creation Care Network

Creation Justice Ministries is currently running a blog series on theological foundations for environmental justice. Authors include Steven Bouma-Prediger, Sarah Augustine, Ellen Davis, Karen Bigelow and Avery Davis Lamb. read more

CAMP MENNOSCAH NEWS https://www.campmennoscah.org/

There are volunteer opportunities for you (and a Wish List)! Camp Mennoscah has year-round work to support the maintenance and upkeep of the campus and facilities. We can accommodate every group size, skill set and length of project you would like to tackle. Check out these ways to Get Involved!  Email office@campmennoscah.org or call 620-297-3290 to volunteer.  See the Wish List for other ways to support Camp Mennoscah!

Contact information: olivia.bartel@campmennoscah.org or 620-297-3290. 

December Birthdays
Patrice Krause
Ken Lohrentz
Ken Ratzlaff
Alexis Willow
Twila Schmidt
Mariah Kaufman