Worship is currently on-line. See our at-home worship page for links to each Sunday’s order of worship.

This week’s worship includes beautiful art from Roger Gibson, a welcome and call to worship from Karen Brown, and a glimpse at some of Joanna’s many lists. You can find the worship playlist here.

I hope you can join us on Zoom at 11 for sharing and prayer. Just click on this link to get into our Zoom gathering.

Peace Mennonite this Week
Monday, February 22
~ 7:30pm  Building and Grounds Committee meeting (contact Anne Bailey for details)
Tuesday, February 23
~ 9:00am – 11:00  Joanna available at the church office
~ 1:30pm  Wise Guys (conversation group) meet on Zoom
Wednesday, February 24
~ 2:00pm – 3:00pm  Joanna’s Zoom office hour
~ 7:30pm – 8:30pm  Peace Pursuits (see above)
~ 8:30pm – 9:00pm  Youth check-in on Zoom (We’ll discuss this video with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi.)
Thursday, February 25
~ 9:30am  Wise Women (conversation group) Contact Judy Johnson for meeting location/link
~ 2:00pm  Brief time for reflection and conversation (all welcome) on Zoom
~ 7:00pm  Ministry Team meeting on Zoom

Congregational News

Lenten Opportunities

  • Lenten Devotional: Joanna has put together a collection of readings for Lent. You can access a PDF of the booklet on our web site. You can read this on an electronic device or print it out. If you would like a print copy and do not have easy access to print it yourself, let Joanna know.
  • Suggested Spiritual Practices: Lent is a good time to enter more deeply into prayer and other spiritual practices. If you can’t find something appealing on the web site, check in with Joanna about additional suggestions.
  • Anti-Racism Seminar: Kansas Interfaith Action is hosting weekly explorations of racism and anti-racism, with a focus on Kansas history and activism. The sessions will begin this Tuesday at 7:00. See their web site for details and contact Joanna regarding the availability of church funds to help cover the registration cost.
  • Peace Pursuits: We will once again meet on Zoom each Wednesday night at 7:30. During  Lent, we will use this time to experience a spiritual practice together and support each other in our personal spiritual practices.
  • Worship Photos: Remember to send Joanna your photographs of crosses (for February 28) and the wilderness (for March 21). Thanks to those who have already sent things in!
  • Good Friday: The worship committee will set up stations of the cross on our  labyrinth for Good Friday (April 2) this year. The space will be open from 9-11 a.m. and again from 5-7 p.m.

Peace Pursuits

This week we will talk about worship and Bible study as spiritual practices and share about how our own Lenten practices are going (or not). If you have a photo to share with the group, you can send it to Joanna. On our web site you will find a list of  spiritual practices that includes a link to the PMC Lenten devotional. We will gather at 7:30pm each Wednesday night on Zoom.

Peace Mennonite Youth! It was great to see some of you last Wednesday and hear about what you’ve been doing. We’ll continue to have a time to check in with each other each Wednesday night at 8:30 on zoom. This week I invite you to watch this video of Dr. Ibram X. Kendi talking about antiracism and we will discuss it during our time together. Feel free to send Joanna brief videos or articles you would like to discuss. (peacemennopastor@gmail.com)

Scripture Readings for the week of February 15
(*indicates reading we will focus on next Sunday)
Monday:  Luke 12:1-21
Tuesday:  Luke 12:22-48
Wednesday:  *Luke 12:49-13:5
Thursday:  *Luke 13:6-21
Friday:  *Luke 13:22-35
You can find the full list of Bible readings here.

The Manuscript from Trevor Bechtel’s sermon (February 7) is available on our web site.

Minutes from our January Congregational Meeting are now available from the church office.(PeaceMennonite@gmail.com)

Peace Mennonite’s Justice Matters network meeting will be Tuesday, March 16, at 6:30pm on Zoom. We will hear updates on the three research areas and discuss the upcoming Nehemiah action. The meeting is designed for those who signed up to be network members. All are welcome. 
The Everence Sharing Fund provided $2,338 in matching funds to support special needs in our church and community last year. Many thanks to Carol Grieb, who served as our Everence advocate for several years, and to Ryan Ellett for taking on that role this year. Please contact Ryan for more information about Everence. (ryanellett@yahoo.com)

Save the Date:  Our next Quarterly Congregational Meeting will be April 18.

Peace Mennonite Children! We now have a special children’s time at the beginning of our Sunday gatherings. Even if you only stay on for a few minutes, we’d love to see you and hear how things are going.

Peace Mennonite Youth! Many of the suggestions on the spiritual practices page are things you could do–on your own or with your family. While you are always welcome at the regular Peace Pursuits gatherings, there will be a special session to check in with Pastor Joanna and other youth each Wednesday night at 8:30 on zoom. Join us for a brief (30-ish minutes) time to share about your week.

The Worship Committee received very mixed feedback about changing the time of our Sunday morning gatherings. So for the sake of simplicity–and in hopes of being able to meet in person before too much longer–we will keep the 11:00am gathering time for now.

Peace Mennonite Children! We now have a special children’s time at the beginning of our Sunday gatherings. Even if you only stay on for a few minutes, we’d love to see you and hear how things are going.

Peace Mennonite Youth! Many of the suggestions on the spiritual practices page are things you could do–on your own or with your family. While you are always welcome at the regular Peace Pursuits gatherings, there will be a special session to check in with Pastor Joanna and other youth each Wednesday night at 8:30 on zoom. Join us for a brief (30-ish minutes) time to share about your week.

We are still looking for someone from Peace to serve on the Restorative Justice research team with Justice Matters. Please contact one of the Team Leaders–Susan Rieger or Roger Gibson–if you are interested.

Please note that we are not currently paying to have the church parking lot ploughed nor are we regularly shoveling and salting the sidewalks. Please be mindful and cautious if you go to the church building when there is snow and/or ice.

Everence College Scholarships: Full time undergraduate students who have a relationship with Everence are eligible to apply for Everence college scholarships. This scholarship is available to students who are Everence members or students whose parents or guardians are members of Everence. Scholarship applications are being accepted now through March 10, 2021. You can find a scholarship application form along with more information about our scholarship and grant programs on our website. Contact Ryan if you have questions. (ryanellett@yahoo.com)

Everence will host a Social Security and retirement income planning webinar, on Tuesday, February 16 at 6:30pm. Attendees will learn about Social Security strategies, risks that can impact retirement savings and strategies to help income last throughout retirement. This online workshop is free. Register soon by contacting our office at 316-283-3800, 877-467-7294 or central.kansas@everence.com.  

Would you be willing to record a brief welcome video for an upcoming worship service? We miss gathering together in person and it’s a gift to be able to see each other in worship–even in a video. Please contact Joanna if you are willing to do a welcome!

Note from Western District Conference: Your generous gifts to WDC are appreciated as we look toward our fiscal year end on January 31 and meeting our budget goal! You may make an online contribution HERE or send a check to Western District Conference, PO Box 306, North Newton KS  67117. Thank you for your generosity!      

Thanks to Jim Russo for volunteering to repair our shed door.

The Coordinating Committee would like to clarify our COVID-time building-use policy: If you stop by the church, please enter the building only if you are feeling healthy.  Please wear a mask inside the building at all times.  There will be a “sign in” sheet near both entrances.  If you will be in the building more than fifteen minutes, please jot down your name and the day you were in the building.  The list is a way for PMC to do contact tracing in the event that someone that’s used the building tests positive for Covid-19.  Thank you for your understanding and help.  We want to be safe in the use of the building as we do the work of the church. 

Please note that the building and grounds committee periodically changes the key code. If you want to make sure you are on the list of those to receive updated codes, please be in touch with LaVonne. (peacemennonite@gmail.com) If you find yourself in need of the code, feel free to contact LaVonne or Joanna.

Looking to donate to local non-profits this season? The Douglas County Community Foundation provides a helpful list and provides some matching funds.

Beginning in January, we are asking for households to volunteer to restock the pantry. During your month, you would be asked to check on the pantry weekly, neaten up and add to the current stock. There will be a box of back-up items inside the south door to draw from or you can purchase your own. To volunteer your household for one month, please contact Barb Yoder at blyoder.ku.edu.

Want to donate items for the pantry?  Please note that during the winter months we cannot put out glass jars or cans. Food in packets, cardboard, or plastic works well in the winter. You are also welcome to donate small clothing items, such as hats, gloves and socks, and toiletries. If the pantry is full, you can leave your donations by the south door–inside or outside–or contact Barbara Yoder.

The Peace and Justice Committee invites you to share a service story with your church family.

You may not know that the “Inside Peace” page on our web site has links to helpful documents like the newly revised constitution, the crisis and funeral form, and church committee information. Joanna welcomes ideas about how to make the web site more helpful for church participants and visitors.

Please use the church email address for general inquiries & announcement notices: peacemennonite@gmail.com

If you would like your email address added to the ‘Regular Attendees’ list for emails, please notify the church office. This list is different from the old listserve, and only includes our regular attendees.

Broader Church News

Join Mennonite Mission Network on February 23 at 6:30pm to hear about Mennonite Mission Network’s service programs! Drop in and learn about Service Adventure, Youth Venture, Mennonite Voluntary Service, SOOP, and international service opportunities. Find the program that works for you! Contact EricFM@MMNWorld.net to register!
Use your gifts and skills in teaching, music, drama, sports, and art will be well utilized and welcomed, as will your ability to simply play and be present to the children on the Youth Venture trip to La Casa Grande in Benin this summer! Visit the Mennonite Mission web site for more information.
SOOP (Service Opportunities with our Partners) is accepting applications! Use your gifts and skills to work alongside others in a network of ministries across the church. This program is flexibly designed for retirees, families and adults over 25. Visit this web site to learn more!

WDC  Gifts Discernment Committee seeks nominees:  Do you know persons who can contribute to the ministry of WDC?  The Gifts Discernment Committee invites suggestions of names to consider for positions on the Executive Board and Commissions.  All suggestions are recorded for consideration in this or future years. Check here for more information about the work and current members of these groups .  Nominees will be presented for affirmation by delegates at the WDC Annual Assembly, July 30- August 1, 2021.  Please contact WDC at wdc@mennowdc.org or 316-283-6300 to offer suggestions. Thank you!

MC USA’s first Learn, Pray, Join initiative of 2021 will focus on the “Cost of War” to highlight a core peace church value: resistance to war, both in our neighborhoods and overseas. In a webinar on Thursday, February 25 at 6:30pm – 7:30pm Central Time / 7:30pm – 8:30pm Eastern Time, panelists will bring awareness to the economics of war and share the various ways they have resisted paying for war.  For more information and to register, go to their web site.

Join the Youth Venture Civil Rights Tour! Visit places of historical significance, hear stories and learn why our faith calls us to stand against injustice and with the oppressed. Visit MennoniteMission.net/YouthVenture for more information on this summer trip.

From the Western District Conference Immigrant Task Force: Let your stimulus check do justice!  If you need the $600 you recently received, we ask God to bless you.  If your stimulus check went into savings, the WDC Immigration Task Force encourages you to consider sharing part or all of it.  $600 is the approximate cost of one DACA application.  Here are two nonprofits assisting young people with their applications: United We Dream in Texas and Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance.  If you have questions, please contact Task Force Convener, Raylene Hinz-Penner at rhpenner@sbcglobal.net.

WDC Fourth Thursday Book Discussion Continues:  Join us on Thursday, February 25 from 7:00-8:00pm to discuss Invited : The Power of Hospitality in an Age of Loneliness by Leslie Verner.  Contact Jennie at the WDC Resource Library to borrow a copy of the book or to register for the Zoom discussion.   crlib@mennowdc.org
Youth Venture is accepting applications for summer 2021! Discover and experience the work that God is doing in the world with a team of other young people, as you serve, learn, worship, and build relationships. Visit MennoniteMission.net/YouthVenture to learn more!

You are invited to join the virtual MCC Central States annual meeting on Saturday, February 27 at 9:00am CST The meeting will include a reflection on MCC in pandemic times, details about what COVID-19 has meant for MCC thrift shops and a look at our financial statements. To join the meeting please email centralstates@mcc.org and then Zoom meeting information will be sent directly to you.

Use your skills or try something new! Join the summer staff of MCC’s Sharing With Appalachia People (SWAP) program to support home repair projects in Kimball, West Virginia or Harlan, Kentucky. Positions for Job Site Coordinators and Meals Coordinators are now open. Applicants should be at least 19 years old, but the roles are not limited to young adults. For more information and to apply, visit mcc.org/swap-summer-staff or contact the MCC Appalachia SWAP office at (606) 633-4008 or AppalachiaAdmin@mcc.org.

WDC and South Central Conference are once again joint recipients of a Leadership Transformation Grant from Kansas Leadership Center for next year.  See KLC’s announcement here.  This will cover the cost for a limited number of WDC and SCC members to attend KLC’s primary adaptive leadership training programs in 2021.  If you are interested in taking training, contact Heidi Regier Kreider at heidirk@mennowdc.org, or watch for more information in the new year.  

Save the date: WDC Annual Assembly will be July 30-Aug 1, 2021, in a hybrid model with the possibility of both virtual and in-person activities. More information to come!

The WDC Garden December 2020/January/February 2021 issue is now available for viewing at: https://mennowdc.org/wdc-garden-december-2020-january-february-2021/.  Learn about how WDC is engaging with racial justice and cultural diversity, the impact of Covid-19 on Hispanic churches, an announcement about Sandra Montes-Martinez as the new WDC Associate Conference Minister (Texas-Based), and more!

Join MCC for a series of “MCC and me” webinars to hear more about service opportunities. Are you ready to step out and into service? To gain new skills and experiences while working for relief, development and peace in the name of Christ? Check out the webinar schedule and their website and learn more about these opportunities. 

Check out these recent articles from Mennonites about immigrant justice:
An Immigration Detention Center Attorney Speaks Out, by Anali Looper
Think ‘más allá’ about the immigrants in your midst by Ulises Arenas
“Like Good Samaritans, we must help immigrants through COVID-19,” by Richard R. Aguirre

Racial Justice from Palestine to the US video is now posted on YouTube.  If you missed this great dialogue hosted by the WDC Israel-Palestine Task Force and MennoPIN last Monday because of our technical difficulties, here’s your chance to listen to it.  It was full of fascinating intersections of racial justice issues here and in Israel-Palestine.  

The Bethel College Women’s Association now has an online market where you can purchase craft items and other products to support the college. 

WDC Assembly Video Snapshots – To learn more about WDC congregations, Commissions, Committees and Task Forces, watch their video snapshots here. More are added as they become available.

MennoMedia is offering a free devotional resource on COVID and racism. You can download it from their web site. 

Local Community/Misc.

If you need help using Zoom, please see this helpful document.

How and Where to Give:

This is a difficult financial time for many church and service groups. Your contributions are much appreciated.

  • Your regular financial contributions to Peace Mennonite as well as contributions to the church benevolence fund (to help those with financial difficulties) can be mailed to the church (615 Lincoln, Lawrence, KS 66044) or to the home of our treasurer, Roberta Renz (see church directory for address). (Please indicate if the money is intended for the benevolence fund.)
  • The Peace Mennonite Peace and Justice Committee continues to collect funds to purchase gift cards for Woodlawn families. Make checks out to Peace Mennonite and note “Woodlawn fund” in the memo.
  • The Social Service League of Lawrence provides many different kinds of support to those in need in our community.
  • LINK: Lawrence Interdenominational Nutrition Kitchen. You can donate directly or sign up through Dillons or Checkers to have money donated each time you shop.
  • Western District Conference has established a Hope Fund to support congregations and ministers in direct response to the impact of the corona virus pandemic.
  • The Mennonite Central Committee has lost significant income due to relief sales being cancelled. You can donate to MCC through the church or directly on the MCC website.  
  • The Bert Nash Homeless Outreach is trying to house people during the COVID-19 crisis and is reaching out to churches for extra support.
  • Family Promise is still working to serve vulnerable families in our community and could use additional financial support. 
  • The Lawrence Interfaith Refugee and Immigrant Ministry (LIRIM) requests help for our local immigrant community. You can send grocery store cards or checks to Centro Hispano, c/o Director Lydia Diebolt, 637 Tennessee St., Lawrence 66044.
  • Just Food is a vital resource for people in our community who are threatened with hunger.
  • Mennonite Church USA has launched a new Justice Fund. Read more and find out how to donate here.
  • Mennonite World Conference Global Sharing Fund provides Covid-19 relief to congregations with less access to aid and resources, especially in parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Lindsey Willow is part of this organization that creates care packages for preemie babies and  their parents. She invites you to donate items from their Amazon list.

February Birthdays
Jenny Buller
Katie Hobson
Nathaniel Willow
Marike Janzen
Gwen Wiens
Ben Buller
Nadine Koch
Piper Bonner
Becky Janzen