Coordinating Committee: The Coordinating Committee is responsible for the leadership, administration, and oversight of PMC. This committee consists of church members, including the pastor, the moderator, the moderator-elect, the recorder, the treasurer, and one or two members at-large. Terms for moderator-elect, and moderator, are each for one year. (The Coordinating Committee meets once a month.)

Worship Committee: Working closely with the pastor, the committee plans and coordinates all worship services, seeking to promote the spiritual vitality of the congregation through our shared worship. (The Worship Committee meets about once every two months.)

Peace and Social Justice Committee: Reflecting Menno Simons’ assertion that true faith cannot lie dormant, this committee coordinates and encourages the congregation’s active service in projects that promote justice and wholeness for all of God’s creation. This committee supports and coordinates many projects such as the Little Free Pantry, Indigenous Justice group, Justice Matters, and LINK service. (Meeting frequency varies.)

Christian Education Committee: This committee is responsible for coordinating church activities that “nurture thoughtful faith.” Such activities include, but are not limited to: Sunday School (children, youth, and adults), retreats, convention/conference attendance, mentor program, Peace Pursuits (Wednesday night Zoom sessions) and youth group events. (Many of these activities are not currently happening. Meeting frequency varies.)

Social Committee: This committee is responsible for the ministries of community building, fellowship, and welcoming new participants. In addition to coordinating post-worship snacks, the committee plans or contributes to a variety of activities or projects which may include, but will not be limited to, potlucks, retreats, holiday gatherings, community meals, and special event receptions. (Frequency of Social Committee meetings varies.)

Ministry Team: This group of church members oversees the spiritual care of the pastor and congregation. The Ministry Team meets to pray for congregational participants regularly and cares for people in times of crisis or need. They may offer anointing, prayer, or other healing ministries as requested. The Ministry Team also oversees the church’s benevolence fund. (The Ministry Team meets once a month.)

Building and Grounds Committee: (Formerly Trustees) This committee is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of PMC property. This includes maintenance as well as repair and remodeling. The Trustees are also responsible for organizing work days as needed. (Meeting frequency varies. The current big project is our parking lot remodel.)