*Welcome/Prayer by Joanna

*Confirm new committees (Consensus needed. See committee list below.)
*Committee Reports
–Building & Grounds – Parking Lot Update
–Indigenous Justice Group Report

*Budget Discussions
–Review of year-end financial report
–Approval of 2022 budget (consensus needed)

*Input regarding Worship Services in Covid Times

*Go in Peace

Peace Mennonite Committees 2022

*Indicates committee chairperson.

Coordinating Committee
*Moderator: Andrea Zuercher
Moderator-Elect: Joe Casad
Treasurer: Roberta Renz
At-Large Member: Sonja Kaufman
Recorder: —

Peace and Social Justice Committee
Ken Ratzlaff
Susan Rieger
Karen Brown
Roger Gibson
*Katie Hobson
Bert Haverkate-Ens

Christian Education Committee
Joni Fornelli (adult)
Patrice Krause (adult)

Social Committee
Rosie Claassen
Becky Janzen

Ministry Team
Steve Unruh
Dave Mathis
Jill Allen

Building & Grounds Committee
Mike Kaufman
*Anne Bailey
Matt Schwabauer

Worship Committee:
Cheryl Harader
Carola Ratzlaff
Sara Bonner
Jasmine Harader-Ellett
Roger Sims

Other Positions:

Library and Archives: Ken Lohrentz and Whitney Baker

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Representative: Joni Fornelli
Indigenous Justice Group Coordinator: Becky Janzen

Everence (MMA) Advocate: Ryan Ellett

MDS Representative: Steve Unruh

LINK Coordinators: Carola Ratzlaff, and Joe Casad

Wise Women Coordinator: Judy Johnson

Wise Guys Coordinators: Ken Ratzlaff and Dave Mathis

Accompanists: Twila Schmidt and Whitney Baker

Barbara Yoder (Perry)
Katie Hobson (Grace)
Susan Rieger (Piper)