As we face some significant decisions in the coming weeks and months, the Coordinating Committee is committed to moving the process forward while listening well and pursuing consensus to the extent that is possible. We will abide by the decision-making guidelines laid out in our previous process agreements:

We pray that all decisions made regarding our church space will come as a consensus of those active church participants who attend a congregational meeting. While the pastor, Coordinating Committee, and/or Building Group will explore various possibilities, definitive steps will be taken only when the church as a whole has agreed on a path.

If there is a decision before the congregation and there is no consensus, the moderator of the discussion will allow time for each voice to be heard. Discussion participants will share their views calmly and will listen respectfully. Time for silence and prayer will be taken as needed during discussions. If consensus cannot be reached at the end of the discussion, the decision will be deferred until the next meeting–which may be a special meeting called for the purpose of making this decision. In between meetings, people will be encouraged to have one-on-one and group discussions about the decision. At the next meeting the decision will be presented again and consensus will be sought.

The decision-making process outlined in the Peace Mennonite Constitution allows for decisions to be made by a 75 percent affirmative vote if consensus cannot be reached. (Church members in attendance at the meeting constitute the voting body.)