The Peace Mennonite Church Ministry Team meets about once a month to discuss ways that we, as a church community, can support people in the church who are in need. We also spend time in prayer for people within the congregation. Each active church participant is assigned to one of our Ministry Team members. Those care lists are below. Feel free to contact your Ministry Team member and/or the pastor with any prayer requests. If you are not on a care list and would like to be, please contact Pastor Joanna. (PeaceMennoPastor at gmail dot com)

2021 Ministry Team Care Lists

Steve Unruh

  • Jill Allen
  • Kirsten Bosnak
  • Rob and Rosie Claassen
  • Becki & Gary Dick
  • Cheryl Harader
  • Rod & Roberta Hofer
  • Emily Kerbs
  • Nadine & Doug Koch
  • Roger Martin & Barb Yoder

Nadine Koch

  • Anne Bailey
  • Jim Russo, Whitney
    Baker, Nile, Elinor
  • Joe Casad & Susan Rieger 
  • Ryan Ellett, Joanna Harader, Grace
  • Wilma Gates
  • Carol Grieb
  • Bert & Dawn Haverkate-Ens
  • John & Judy Johnson
  • Patrice & Jim Krause
  • Ron & Roberta Renz
  • Jenny, Ben, & Peter
  • Gwen Wiens

Carol Grieb

  • Sara, Piper, Perry Bonner
  • Ben Chappell, Marike Janzen, Felix, Calvin 
  • Ed Farris
  • Katie Hobson & Matt Schwabauer and Norah
  • Becky Janzen
  • Mike, Sonja, Mariah, Mikayla, Sophia Kaufman
  • LaVonne Marks
  • Dave Mathis
  • Carola Ratzlaff
  • Twila Schmidt
  • Jennifer Sneegas
  • Steve & Eileen Unruh
  • Andrea Zuercher

Dave Mathis

  • Andrew Brown & Emma 
  • Karen Brown
  • Joni Fornelli
  • Roger Gibson 
  • Piet Knetsch
  • Ken Lohrentz
  • Ken & Ginger Ratzlaff