Peace Mennonite Committees for 2018

Coordinating Committee

Moderator:  Jenny Welch Buller
Moderator-Elect:   Matt Schwabauer
Treasurer:  Roberta Renz
Recorder:  Doug Koch
At-Large Member:  Roberta Hofer

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee will follow the same format as last year with signing up to help with a specific season lead by Pastor Joanna.

Roger Martin
Barbara Yoder
Joanna Harader

Peace and Social Justice Committee

Katie Hobson
Susan Rieger
Joni Fornelli

Christian Education ~ Children & Youth

Coordinator:  Pastor Joanna
Youth Teachers:  Steve Unruh, Katie Hobson, Hazel Rogers
Elementary/Preschool Teachers:  Jenny Welch Buller, Ryan Ellett, Andrew Brown  Music lead by Sara Bonner.

Social Committee

Rosie Claassen
Sara Bonner

Ministry Team

Nadine Koch
Patrice Krause
Ken Lohrentz
Rob Claassen
Rosie Claassen
Carol Grieb

Board of Trustees

Jim Russo
Ryan Ellett
Rod Hofer
Mike Kaufman
Ben Friedline, as needed

*  Designates Committee Chair

Other Positions:

Library and Archives

Ken Lohrentz
Whitney Baker

Landscaping Group

Anne Bailey, Coordinator

Everence (MMA) Advocate:  Carol Grieb

Custodial Volunteer:  Greg Seibel
Assst w/ Cleaning:  Rob Claassen

Habitat Liaison:   TBA

LINK Coordinator:  Gwen Wiens

MDS Representative:  

Accompanists:  Twila Schmidt & Whitney Baker


Sara Bonner
Barbara Yoder
Matt Schwabauer
Katie Hobson
Carol Grieb
Jenny Welch Buller

Pastor:  Joanna Harader

Administrative Asst/Calendar Coordinator/Bulletin Editor: LaVonne Marks

Description of Committees

Coordinating Committee: The Coordinating Committee is responsible for the leadership, administration, and oversight of PMC. This committee consists of church members, including the pastor, the moderator, the moderator-elect, the recorder, the treasurer, and one or two members at-large. Terms for moderator-elect and moderator are each for one year.

Worship Committee: Working closely with the pastor, the committee plans and coordinates all worship services, seeking to promote the spiritual vitality of the congregation through our shared worship.

Peace and Social Justice Committee: Reflecting Menno Simons’ assertion that true faith cannot lie dormant, this committee coordinates and encourages the congregation’s active service in projects that promote justice and wholeness for all of God’s creation.

Christian Education: These coordinators are responsible for oversight of, evaluation of, and assistance with the teaching/disciplining ministry of the church, the committee recruits teachers and evaluates and affirms curricula for adults, youth and children.

*Note: We would like to have one coordinator for children’s education and one for adult education.

Social Committee: This committee is responsible for the ministries of community building and fellowship. In addition to coordinating post-worship snacks, the committee plans or contributes to a variety of activities or projects which may include, but will not be limited to, potlucks, retreats, holiday gatherings, and special event receptions.

*Note: The Nominating Committee wants to emphasize that the social committee is responsible for coordinating the fellowship activities of the church, but not for carrying out all of these activities.

Ministry Team: Consisting of the pastor and three (or more) church members, the group oversees the spiritual care of the pastor and congregation. The Ministry Team serves as the pastor’s advocate during pastoral evaluations. They perform the deacon role of caring for congregational participants in times of crisis or need. They may offer anointing, prayer, or other healing ministries as requested.

Board of Trustees: The PMC Trustees are responsible for the oversight of all aspects of PMC property. This includes, but is not limited to, building, parking lot, and grounds maintenance, as well as repair and remodeling. The Trustees are also responsible for organizing work days as needed and for working out schedules and a policy for building use. Committees, ad hoc working groups, or individuals designated with responsibility for any of these tasks are responsible to the Trustees.

Building Group: This working group gives leadership to our church’s discernment process regarding gaining more space for the congregation and its ministries.

Landscaping Group: This new group is responsible for developing and maintaining the landscaping on the PMC property. The group members will elicit help from others within the church as needed.