We are worshiping on Zoom at 10:30 each Sunday morning.

Please follow the guidelines below if you plan to use the church building. Contact our administrative assistant, Jerry Dowdle, with questions. (peacemennonite@gmail.com)

For everyone entering the building:

*All current state and local Covid-19 guidelines are to be followed.

*If you have a fever or other COVID symptoms, please do not enter the building.

*Hand sanitizer will be at both the south and north entrances.  Masks are also available.

For individuals:

*If you are in the building more than 15 minutes, please write your name and the date on the sign-in sheet provided. (There is one at each entrance.)

*If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear your mask in the building.

For groups:

*Please contact the church office to reserve the building at least a week in advance.  peacemennonite@gmail.com.  

*If the sanctuary thermostat needs to be adjusted, directions can be found next to the thermostat.  If you adjust the thermostat, be sure to set it back to the original settings before you leave. Do not spray the thermostat with disinfectant.  Liquids will cause harm to the device!

*The kitchen is not to be used by groups at this time.  Groups will BYO drinks and food.

*The facilitator will shut off lights, restore thermostat, and lock doors when done. The facilitator of the group will send a list of names of those who attended the gathering to the PMC Office/LaVonne Marks (email above) for purposes of possible contact tracing.

*In worship gatherings and other large groups (15 or more), all participants should wear masks, with the exception of vaccinated speakers.

*For small group gatherings, masks may be removed if all participants are fully vaccinated and consent to removing masks. If children or other unvaccinated people are present and/or if any group member is uncomfortable with a mask-free gathering, please wear masks out of consideration for all group participants.

*For outdoor worship and other large outdoor gatherings, please wear your mask if you enter the building for any reason.

*Thank you for working to help keep us all safe!

Updated 5/20/2021

Notes for in-person worship:

  • We encourage people to bring their own chairs for worship. Metal folding chairs will be provided for those who need them.
  • Hymnals will be available for use during worship. If you have a personal copy of the hymnal, you are welcome to bring it; please make sure your name is in your hymnal. If you have a church copy of the hymnal and plan to attend worship in person regularly, please bring that  hymnal back to church.
  • We will worship outside as long as it’s not raining. In case of rain, we will worship in the sanctuary and have a slightly abbreviated service.
  • We will not have printed bulletins for outdoor worship. The hymn numbers will be on a whiteboard and the full order of worship will be available on our web site. (You can access the worship order from our home page or by using a QR code available at the church.)
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated people during outdoor worship. We ask that people continue to wear masks in the building on Sunday mornings. (You can see our updated COVID building use guidelines on our web site.)
  • The Coordinating Committee will keep a list of those who attend each week for the purpose of contact tracing. These lists will be kept confidential and used only in the event that we learn someone who participated in worship has tested positive for COVID. If you test positive for COVID after attending worship in person, please let Joanna know. We are following the guidance of the CDC and the county health department; contact tracing is a robust part of ensuring public health and safety.
  • We’re figuring this out together as we go. Those of us planning and leading worship sincerely appreciate your flexibility and patience. If you have any concerns and/or ideas about how we are worshiping together, please reach out to Joanna or a member of the Worship Committee (Katie Hobson, Carola Ratzlaff).