In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve already given up many things. This year for Lent, I invite you to enter into a new spiritual practice as we move through the season together. There are several suggestions below for you to explore and from which you can choose. The intent is not that you would try to do all–or even several–of these, but that you will choose one or two that seem most compelling to you and commit to those over the course of these Lenten weeks (February 17-April 3).

I hope you can join us for our Wednesday night Peace Pursuits gatherings when we will have a chance to pray together and share with each other about our own experiences with these practices.

  • Read a book, maybe from our church book suggestions (or submit a review for our book suggestions)
  • Explore the Center for Action and Contemplation–read articles, listen to podcasts . . .
  • Write down your questions! Let Joanna know what questions you have about faith, God, the Bible, the church . . . We’ll use these for our Peace Pursuits after Lent.

And here is another list of even more Lenten resources from our friends at Hamilton Mennonite Church in Ontario.