Peace Mennonite Church Congregational Meeting April 24, 2022

1. Delegates for MC-USA special delegate session

Jude McCulley and Grace Harader-Ellett confirmed by consensus to serve as our delegates

2. Update on building and grounds (including parking lot)

Parking lot: Plan has been submitted to city, notice has been provided to neighbors. Plan is pretty similar to previously shared documents. There will be some shifts in grade for accessibility. After city feedback we will begin soliciting bids. Committee will continue to inform us about progress.

Two other projects needing attention: (1) Seam taping of drywall at front of sanctuary has failed. Anne has workers who can do the job for around $1200. (2) Shed is failing; again a proposal to repair for around $1200 using existing “shell” of shed. Anne is not planning to get other bids. $1000 has been put in budget for sanctuary wall repair. Electronic door upgrade is not going to be done to south doors so those funds can be directed toward these projects too.

Consensus reached to approve the expenditure of up to $1500 per project and for Anne to use her contractors to do the work as quickly as possible.

3. Financial report

Mortgage has been paid down well, contributions are coming in well. Financial report distributed in advance to congregation and available online.

4. Sabbatical update

Sabbatical will take place June 29-October 3. Congregation will engage in some guided process in envisioning what worship and community life will look like as the pandemic transition continues. Joanna will also engage with these subjects. Joanna will provide more information about sabbatical plans as the date draws near.

5. COVID-19 update

Mask wearing continues to be requested in the building, based on community COVID-19 numbers and our wish to be a welcoming space for all.

6. Indigenous Justice update

Grant request was not funded. The process of applying helped focus the goals of the group. Now they are working with some members of the Kaw Nation regarding return of the Red Rock; grant funding has been received by the Kaw nation for the logistics of moving it and for educational efforts both in Council Grove and in Lawrence (for when the rock is gone). Goal is May 2023 for removal. Part of work is going to be on healing relationships with groups who were on the plaque applied to the rock. Joanna and Joni are working to connect with other faith communities in Lawrence around this issue.

A Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery play is going to be presented in Wichita in November; we may try to get them to perform this here as well. The group is building and maintaining relationships as they learn what matters to Indigenous groups today. Contributions to Haskell that were collected in Advent have been mailed.

7. Search for new committee members

New members for coordinating committee and building and grounds are welcome to serve out the remaining time in 2022 given the departure of Mike and Sonja Kaufman

8. Justice Matters announcement

Action Assembly is taking place on Thursday evening at the fairgrounds.

9. Any other committee updates

Brief Peace and Justice update (Katie); brief social committee update (Rosie), Everence update (Ryan)