Yes, we are Mennonite.

No, we don’t wear funny hats. (Not usually, anyway.)

We think a lot.
We pray a lot.
We laugh a lot.
And we sing a lot. (Some of us really well.)

We nurture the children in our midst.
We participate in Justice Matters.
We cook for and serve at LINK.

We have the occasional pot luck, retreat, talent show, game night, movie . . .
We love Jesus.
We love each other.
We’d love to meet you.

Mission Statement: Peace Mennonite Church is a Christ-centered community that seeks to create peace, work for justice, care for creation, serve others, and nurture thoughtful faith.

Welcome Statement: We welcome into the full life of Peace Mennonite Church all who seek to follow Jesus’ way of peacemaking and compassion. We rejoice in the diverse characteristics each person brings to our community, and we embrace differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental ability, economic status, marital status, and age.

Peace Mennonite Church is part of Mennonite Church USA and Western District Conference.

Find us on Facebook.

Or just give us a call: 785-841-8614

Music from Sara, Perry, and Piper Bonner. Video by Grace Harader-Ellett

Our pastor is Rev. Joanna Harader (she/her).
Joanna has served as Pastor of Peace Mennonite Church since May 2006. She gets to study scripture, write, preach, plan worship, work toward God’s Shalom and walk alongside people on their faith journeys. She can’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to be a pastor! She blogs at Spacious Faith. And frequently checks her email at peacemennopastor at gmail dot com.

LaVonne Marks

Our Bookkeeper is LaVonne Marks (she/her).
LaVonne is a long-time member of Peace Mennonite who shares her considerable gifts for organization and communication as our part-time bookkeeper. She maintains the order of financial related aspects of the church as well as many other necessary tasks. You can contact her at peacebookkeeper at gmail dot com.

Our part-time Administrative Assistant is Jerry Dowdle (she/her). She is a resident of Lawrence and hopes to remain so for many years. She takes care of bulletins, ENews, website updates, filing, and other office tasks. General information, requests, and announcements can be directed to her at peacemennonite at gmail dot com.

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