Peace Mennonite Home-Based Worship: September 6, 2020

Welcome to worship with Peace Mennonite Church. We are glad you are with us in worship and invite you to join us for our Zoom discussion and prayer time at 11:00 each Sunday morning.  Simply click this link. 

Note that we will begin our time together this morning with a blessing for those who are starting school.

You are also welcome to join us for our Peace Pursuits Bible study and topic discussions on Wednesday nights. More church announcements are here.

Sculpture: “Driftwood 9” by Bert Haverkate-Ens

Prelude: “Gloria” by Vivaldi

Welcome from Rob and Rosie

Opening Scripture and Call to Worship:

(One of you took this photo several weeks ago when Pastor Melissa collected cloud images for worship. If it’s yours, let me know and I’ll give you photo credit!)

Gathering Hymn: I sing the mighty power of God (Hymnal 46)
–Led by Anne!

Congregational Prayer:
You are invited to offer your prayers to God. For what are you thankful this morning? What would you ask of God for yourself? Who do you know who needs God’s loving presence right now? What are your prayers for our community, our country, and our world?

Feel free to share your prayers with people around you, in the comments below, or on our Zoom call at 11 Sunday morning.

I hope you can join us at 11:00 on Zoom (9/6/20) as we offer a prayer of blessing for those beginning a new (and stressful) school year.

This week you are invited to pray for Casa del Alfarero, a Mennonite Church in Pasadena, Texas. (Even if you don’t understand Spanish, you can still sense the joy and love in this video from pastors Alberto and Aurora Parchman.)

The Lord’s Prayer: Song version led by Thomas

Children’s Time: with Carola with her grandchildren

Hymn: Christ the Lord is Risen Today (Hymnal 280)

Scripture Reading: Acts 28: 1-10, 16, 30-31 (read by Ryan)


(You can read a manuscript of this sermon on Pastor Joanna’s blog.)

Offering our Money

You are invited to mail your financial contributions to the church (615 Lincoln St., Lawrence, KS, 66044) or to the home of our treasurer, Roberta Renz (address in the church directory).

See the “How and Where to Give” section of our announcements page for information on giving to other organizations who need funding at this time.

Offering our Efforts

A significant way that Peace Mennonite lives out the “work for justice” aspect of our mission statement is by participating in Justice Matters. You are all encouraged to join an upcoming “house” meeting to engage in meaningful conversation with others from the church around significant issues in our community. You can sign up here and watch the video invitation from our team leaders below!

Note that each meeting will have basically the same content. We hope you will sign up for the one that works best with your schedule (and/or offers the most enticing food option).

Sending Hymn: You shall go out with joy (Hymnal 427)

Looking Ahead and Benediction:

Scripture Readings for the Week of September 7
(*indicates reading we will focus on next Sunday)

Monday: Genesis 1:1-2:3
Tuesday: *Genesis 2:4-3:24
Wednesday: Genesis 4
Thursday: Genesis 6:9-8:22
Friday: Genesis 9; 11:1-9

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