Peace Mennonite Home-Based Worship: February 28, 2021

Welcome to worship with Peace Mennonite Church. If this is your first time worshiping with us, please watch this welcome video from our pastor. You can find our church announcements here.

Whether you are new to Peace or a regular participant, we are glad you are with us in worship and invite you to join us for our Zoom discussion and prayer time at 11:00 each Sunday morning.  Simply click this link. We also invite you to our Wednesday night gatherings at 7:30.

Thanks to those of you who shared pictures of crosses:

Prelude: John Rutter’s “Lament for Jerusalem”

Worship Image: by Roger Gibson; “The cross that guides the journey”

Welcome and Call to Worship: from Carola

Opening Scripture: Psalm 122

Photo of Lawrence Public Library mural from JudeDude433, used under Creative Common License

Gathering Hymn: Seek the Peace of the City; Voices Together #206

Congregational Prayer:
You are invited to offer your prayers to God. For what are you thankful this morning? What would you ask of God for yourself? Who do you know who needs God’s loving presence right now? What are your prayers for our community, our country, and our world?

This week I invite your prayers for Mennonite Church USA’s racial ethnic council.

Feel free to share your prayers with people around you, in the comments below, or on our Zoom call at 11 Sunday morning.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Scripture Reading: Luke 13:1-5; 31-35

Sermon: The Cross-Shaped Journey

Prayer Hymn: I Want Jesus to Walk with Me; Voices Together #306

Reflection/Response: Below are some resources that might be of interest:


You are invited to mail your financial contributions to the church (615 Lincoln St., Lawrence, KS, 66044) or to the home of our treasurer, Roberta Renz (address in the church directory).

See the “How and Where to Give” section of our announcements page for information on giving to other organizations who need funding at this time.

Closing Hymn: Christ, Be All around Me, Voices Together #848

Benediction: Image from Roger Gibson; quote from Harriet Tubman

Upcoming Daily Scripture Readings:

  • Monday: Luke 14:1-14
  • Tuesday: Luke 14:15-24
  • Wednesday: Luke 14:25-35
  • Thursday: *Luke 15:1-10
  • Friday: *Luke 15:11-31

*You can find the full list of Bible readings here.

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