Peace Mennonite Home-Based Worship: September 27, 2020

Welcome to worship with Peace Mennonite Church. If this is your first time worshiping with us, please watch this welcome video from our pastor.

Whether you are new to Peace or a regular participant, we are glad you are with us in worship and invite you to join us for our Zoom discussion and prayer time at 11:00 each Sunday morning.  Simply click this link. 

You are also welcome to join us for our Peace Pursuits Bible study and topic discussions on Wednesday nights. More church announcements are here.

It’s our new–stocked–little free pantry! Photo credit: Becky Janzen.

Welcome from Anne Bailey

Prelude: “Jacob and Sons” from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Opening Scripture:

Call to Worship: from Sarah Agnew

Gathering Hymn: O Thou in Whose Presence, Hymnal Worship Book #559

Congregational Prayer:
You are invited to offer your prayers to God. For what are you thankful this morning? What would you ask of God for yourself? Who do you know who needs God’s loving presence right now? What are your prayers for our community, our country, and our world?

Feel free to share your prayers with people around you, in the comments below, or on our Zoom call at 11 Sunday morning.

This week, you are invited to pray for Eden Mennonite Church in Moundridge, KS.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Hymn: What Wondrous Love is This; Hymnal Worship Book #530

Bridging the Gap: From Abraham to Joseph

Note: Grace asked me why there were 13 children listed. Dinah is Jacob and Leah’s daughter–so she didn’t get to be head of a tribe. (That’s a sermon for different day.)

Experiencing the Story: Jenny offers a lively version of the first part of today’s scripture reading from the Shine On story Bible. You can also read the full passage: Genesis 3-8, 17-22, 26-34.

Sermon and Scripture: Genesis 50:15-21

For the text version of this sermon, see Joanna’s blog.

Prayer Practice for the Week: Genealogy

Where is God in your family story? Spend some time exploring your family tree and thinking about the faith (or lack of faith) of your ancestors. What stories have been passed down through the generations? How are you sharing your faith with future generations?

If you are fortunate enough to have parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents still living, this would be a great week to call and talk with them!


You are invited to mail your financial contributions to the church (615 Lincoln St., Lawrence, KS, 66044) or to the home of our treasurer, Roberta Renz (address in the church directory).

Please note that our Little Free Pantry is now up and running! You are invited to share non-perishable food, toiletries, COVID supplies (masks, hand sanitizer), and school supplies. (See the announcements for more specific suggestions.) You can leave supplies in the pantry or contact Joanna to arrange for drop-off or pick up at another location.

See the “How and Where to Give” section of our announcements page for information on giving to other organizations who need funding at this time.

Closing Hymn: Guide My Feet, Hymnal Worship Book #546


Upcoming Daily Scripture Readings:

Week of September 28

  • Monday: Exodus 1:8-2:10
  • Tuesday: Exodus 3:1-4:17
  • Wednesday: Exodus 5:1-6:13
  • Thursday: Exodus 7:14-10:29
  • Friday: *Exodus 11:1-12:42

*You can find the full list of Bible readings here.

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